Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Artist Date #1

Just got back from my first Artist Date.

I spent about 1 1/2 hours walking around a historic residential district of a nearby town. It is a sunny spring day today, and I intended to focus on architecture and gardens. Instead, I picked up on much more: sounds, smells, imagined interiors, and some soul searching.

I smelled freshly cut planks and wet paint from workmen and DIYers; I heard music from passing cars and dogs barking in yards; I exchanged greetings with porch-sitters whom I passed.

I thought I would take photos to share but felt uncomfortable photographing people's homes. I took pictures of the homes that were for sale and started to indulge my fantasy of having a home of my own (I've blogged about it twice on my other blog--here and here--and it isn't a feeling that seems to be abating). I want roots. Or major change.

I was melancholy the whole time. And restless. And introspective, despite my plan to focus on the external rather than the internal.

I've been nearly ten years in the same location with the same employer. My passion has been my work--but I think I may be burning out on that. I think I need a new passion, and my thoughts turn to three things: career change, housing change, or adopting a puppy. Or all three.

In the end, the Date was a meditative act, which was, I think, useful, but perhaps didn't quite meet Cameron's directive.

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Ms. Theologian said...

Okay, I'm on hold on the I may get interrupted....but I think that a. these artist dates are tremendously hard for those of us who are used to having to be adults, b. you did an excellent job, especially for your first one, and c. space to think and walk is extremely important. It may not be "child-like" for everyone, but if it worked, it worked.....still on hold.