Monday, April 23, 2007

Creative Deepening: Artist Dates

I have just read the introductory chapter on Artist Dates, and here is something I think I knew but never articulated:

“breakthroughs occur when focused, rational thought and activity are followed by a period of release” (p. 18).

I think I am good at periods of release. I have cultivated the idea of making time for fun, and, aside from guilt about what I think of as my own hedonism, I find this time to be beneficial.

My regularly scheduled periods of release--things I do for me and not for some Grander Purpose--are (1) a weekly hour at the local hot springs with my superbly creative friend Edith and (2) a weekly hour and a half spent with new crafting friends at a Kaffee Klatsch.

But these cannot be counted as Artist Dates. Artist Dates need to be solo engagements--things I plan and do on my own, for my Self, to re-stock my imagination.

So, a weekly task is a weekly planning of a weekly Artist Date.

What to do?

This week, on Wednesday afternoon, I am going to walk through a historic residential district of a nearby town, looking at the architecture.

I have a walking guide brochure that explains some of the history of the neighborhoods, and I will finish in a park near the library, where I will sit and listen and watch. I might take my camera (is that allowed?) so that I can capture and keep any images that really speak to me.


Ms. Theologian said...

Hey, I just got the book. Thank you!

So, I have trouble with the artist dates. But my friend, Freddi, reminds me that the dates are meant to be fun for your inner kid.

Femminista said...

What kind of trouble? Or is that a whole post's worth of elaboration that I'm asking for? (If so, I'm happy to wait for it. :))

Femminista said...

Inner Child--does that mean playing the WebKinz arcade for an hour could count as an Artist Date? Because I could easily kill an evening playing Tile Tower.

What about watching a film by oneself? Would that count?

Ms. Theologian said...

I think that WebKinz totally counts, as does watching a movie. It's supposed to be something a kid would enjoy...

My own "trouble" is that I tend to do artist dates with Jim, and not alone. We try to go to a garden or museum or music once a week.