Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Damn. Forgot To Do Morning Pages.

This morning I was in the shower, running late, when I realized that on Day Two of my Vein of Gold Odyssey I had forgotten to do Morning Pages. Not yet a habit. Damn.

Then I thought maybe I could squeeze them in at work.

Then I remembered Ms. T's post about the office worker who kept a journal at work and got fired.

So now I am doing Lunch Hour Pages.


Ms. Theologian said...

Because you hope to get fired...?

I find that there is something in my half-sleepy state that produces really good thoughts in the morning that I couldn't capture now at lunch. But I know that Jim's energy levels are different. I wonder if yours might be too.

Femminista said...

No chance of being fired. I go home for lunch. :)

Ms. Theologian said...

Oh! I've never had that opportunity....

Do you write continuously? I find that hard to do?