Sunday, April 22, 2007

DEFIANCE re Morning Pages

Ok, so I am on page 17, and I am already set to break the rules.

Not being a natural rule-breaker (I like rules), I’ve already broached this with Ms. T, and she seems ok with it:

I am not doing my Morning Pages in longhand. No paper. No pen. No way.

I am going to keyboard them, for several reasons:
  • my hands, used to keyboarding all the time, cramp up if I attempt to write longhand. (I am left handed, and I do have that uncomfortable, crooked southpaw way of holding the pen. Ouch.)

  • I get none of the aesthetic pleasure Cameron hints at by writing longhand.

  • writing longhand is less sustainable—filing up pages and pages of actual paper with things no one is going to read vs filling up virtual pages stored on a microchip. I am trying to have less "stuff" around me, not more; pages of my stream of consciousness are not what I'd like to have cluttering my life.

And when Cameron says we have to write longhand because "there is an energy to the hand," I answer her thus: keyboarding is still using our hands to write—it is just using a different writing implement with which to write.

Cameron does admit to being archaic. With that I agree.


Ms. Theologian said...

I honestly think that my fingers are much more used to writing on a keyboard. I plan to fill the blank journals that I have around, and then revert to the keyboard. I think this is truly a natural thing to do in 2007.

Femminista said...

Thanks for that supportive comment, my friend.