Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Creative Cluster

Just read the Setting Out chapter on Creative Clusters.

So far, we are a creative cluster of two, but I'm hoping some others from the blogosphere will join.

And why not join? It is all about playing!

In this chapter, I learned that clusters are supportive, not competitive, and that we should share actual work with the tools and not gripe about the obstacles.

So please disregard most of my posts so far. Oops.

The Task for this chapter is to make a cluster list. Cameron talks about clusters working by phone and by letter. She does not mention blogs, but perhaps that is because I have a 1997 version of the book.

Then she says to move on that list and set up the cluster.

I think Ms. T and I have already moved on that point by creating this blog, and Ms. T has actually already made a list and invited people.

I need to be more proactive about inviting blog friends. I will send out some invitations now.

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Ms. Theologian said...

I didn't think that you were bitching in your posts. I read them as seeking support. This is, after all, not particularly easy.

I'd like it noted that I did my morning pages long-hand, in a journal Jim gave me years ago, and on lined pages, which made them even longer. I just went on and on and on about nothing.