Friday, May 25, 2007

Alternative pages

Hi folks...I'm Jordan Rosenfeld. I'm lagging behind finishing up the AW and will be starting VoG around the 4th of June. But I thought I'd pop in early and say hi! I live in the absurd little town of Morgan Hill, CA (sorry to anyone who likes it here), am still pining for Petaluma, which we left behind last year and hope to return to next year. I write mainly. Freelance--for a living. Fiction--for "fun" and I've got a book I'm in the process of revising for Writer's Digest Books due out in November (Is this too much of an AA speech here?):

Anyhow, I've been using my morning pages lately to write --*gasp*--fiction. That's right. I've been journaling since I was 11 years old (21 yrs give or take), and so processing my feelings on the page has never been an issue for me (doing it consistently certainly helps and I benefit from that--and what's more, how's this for the universe working mysteriously...since I started doing AW, my husband has begun journaling regularly for the first time in his life!). But I notice that when I write fiction--something crazy and unplanned that has no goal for it--I come away feeling energized, alive and ready for work. I thought I'd recommend this as an alternate to anyone who is struggling with their pages. Take a week's break and write fiction (or poetry, essay, whatever your favorite form).

And I promise (sort of) not to use so many parenthetical statements next time.

Hope you're all doing well. Let me know your thoughts


Ms. Theologian said...

I'm definitely on the same page as you. I've journaled a lot in the past two decades, but I've found that I can use the first time in the morning for fiction, nonfiction, or poetry very effectively.

I know Cameron wouldn't approve, but we all know we have to find our own way to make her ideas effective in our lives.

Ms. Theologian said...

And blogging. I forgot to say that often my blog post is the first thing I write in the morning.

I don't think anyone else is reading this blog this weekend, so I don't feel bad with the double comment.