Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are you dreaming more?

Here's something I had forgotten. Most of the time I don't dream, or if I do, I have no recall of my dreams in the morning. When actively pursuing creative journalling and other exercises like we get to do in Vein of Gold, I find my dreams suddenly get very active, vivid and I can recall them.
Are any of you finding the same thing?


Ms. Theologian said...

That's a really good observation.

I find if I journal almost first thing (after morning ablutions, dog care, etc.) I can remember the most vivid dreams, which I sort of write down as prose poems. It's a real gift in the morning when this happens (sometimes, but not all the time).

Linera Lucas said...

I always have a notebook and pen bedside. If I make a conscious decision at night that I want to remember my dreams, and IF I WRITE them down right away, I start to remember more and more. But once I lapse, whfffft!