Thursday, May 3, 2007

Artist Date #1

For my first official artist date, I sort of spontaneously decided to go to a local park near the San Andreas with my camera for an hour. I intended to take photos of landscape elements, with their extreme tilt (due to the tectonic forces at the fault) and did for a while. But it was extremely bright, and everything looked washed out rather than vibrant. So I turned downward.

I ended up with a collection of photographs of trash. More precisely, I looked for pieces of trash that were juxtaposed against the natural world in some way.

This photograph, for example, is breccia and a bottle (of Bud?).

Trash really wasn't everywhere at the park, just at the low points where it had settled if it was heavy or in the bushes where it had blown it if was light. This is a tissue stuck in some dry cheat grass near sandstone.

Eventually, I decided that I wanted the collection to have more of a Where's Waldo? feel to it, and began to focus on trash that was harder to see amid the landscape. This is yucca and green glass.

In any case, I seemed to be drawn to photographing trash and wandering around the rocks alone.


Femminista said...

Fabulous. What a great date! You oicked a nice day-was it warm? (Is it always warm?) I like how the objective morphed into something new and interesting and, perhaps more importantly, that you were open to allowing that to happen.

Ms. Theologian said...

It actually was windy and I had a sweatshirt on. But it's always sunny. I like how it morphed, and actually had a better idea as I was driving home, for another little project, so I'm quite happy with the outcome.

Kel said...

those tilted rocks look very interesting

I'm going to check out where you live on google earth [at work when I have broadband]

glad to hear you enjoyed the morphing aspect of what you were setting out to 'achieve'
sounds like the artist date kicked in good and proper

Ms. Theologian said...

The tilted rocks are actually pretty famous. If you check Flickr for Vasquez Rocks, you'll see a bunch of photos, some Star Trek and Western movie related.

Yeah, the original idea was pretty much a starting point. Who really knows what's going to happen, eh?