Thursday, May 17, 2007

Artist Date Ideas: A Master List

I would love to brainstorm artist date ideas. (I have one scheduled for Friday morning. I just don't know what it is yet.) What has worked well for you?

I'm going to list the ideas here from comments:

Museums (Getty, Getty Villa, LACMA, Museum of Jurassic Technology)
Observatories (Griffith Park)
Free Music Concerts (Jazz, Classical)
Free Theater (Independent Shakespeare Company)
The Natural World (parks, beaches, islands, urban landscapes with and without cameras)
Bead Stores
Plant Nurseries (as opposed to Child Nurseries, I suppose)
Antique Stores
Art Galleries
Arthouse movie theaters (where apparently Kel can get food delivered ?!?)
Thrift stores


This Girl Remembers said...

I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually done one yet. But I've got my first one planned for Saturday. Only, like you, I don't know what I'm doing yet. Looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas!

Default ideas for me are the Getty or Getty Villa or other nearby museums, and I've been dying to go to the Griffith observatory - still haven't gone since it opened again (though since the fire it'll certainly be a different view). And the Science Center, maybe the natural history museum - all those great places everyone goes to when they're in middle school but maybe haven't been to since!

What else? I too am in the market for low-cost ideas. I'm already getting super excited about this summer's free Shakespeare in the park! Anyone not in the Los Angeles area, you might be able to find something similar where you are. Ms. Theologian, if driving into L.A. isn't too much of a trek for you, check out the Independent Shakespeare Company (don't recall their web address, but google will find it) for info about the one here. I'm too poor to pay for much real theater, so I'm extra excited about it, and they're VERY good.

I think I'll end up making quite a few Artist Dates with my camera, finding interesting places to wander around and shoot. Especially getting out into the natural world, something I do far too seldom. I've been looking for a book on good day hikes in the area.

And I have a grand plan for once I've gotten a little further in my narrative timeline - I'll go to the fabulous local bead store and make myself a bracelet with meaning - make a list of the stories from my life I most want to stay mindful of, choose one bead that represents each story, and string them together. I did something like that for my mother for mother's day a year ago, and it was great fun!

Ms. Theologian said...

I like the Getty a lot, but haven't been to the Getty Villa since it's been redone. Mostly because you need reservations, right?

I love that idea of the beaded bracelet of stories. That's brilliant!

I'll check out shakespeare too.

Mrs. Han Solo said...

To be in LA again... sigh. I love going to the Observatory (pre-reopening), museums, the beach. There is a particularly interesting museum you must see... The Museum of Jurassic Technology. In VT, I might take myself on a walking date. There are lots of paths and trails here.

Ms. Theologian said...

I hope both of you give a little report as a post on how your dates go.

I went to the conservation garden at the local water agency. It was heavily protected by security. Not the most relaxing hour of my life, but it was...different.

Linera Lucas said...

Last week I drove to the coast, with dog. This week I went to Sauvie Island, again with dog. So it's partly an Artist Date, and partly a Dog Date, much appreciated by included canine, but hmmm. I think the focus was supposed to be on renewal, not dog. For me, any trip with dog becomes a trip about a dog.

Kel said...

the artist dates are my favourite part of the whole process

"you mean I'm being given permission to go have fun!?!"

some things I've done as artist dates:

visit a plant nursery, sniff, touch and see new and interesting plants

browse through an antique store and learn about different types of china teacups and pots

a trip to the city taking photos

see an arthouse movie in a plush theatre and order drinks and snacks to be delivered to my seat an hour into the film

visit art galleries, museums, and libraries

go to an opshop (thrift store?) and find the most amusing thing I can buy for under $2 - and buy it

free jazz in the park

Ms. Theologian said...

Thanks, guys. I'm thinking of making a master post with all of these ideas in it. It was really helpful to me to see all that you do, and I hope it was useful to you.

Femminista said...


as a veyr new dog owner, I appreciate your insight ("For me, any trip with dog becomes a trip about a dog.")! At the moment, my whole life seems to be about a dog....