Friday, May 4, 2007


As a Skeptic (or one who is still in the Skeptic Stage, not having done the Artist Way), I am fascinated when what Cameron advises turns out to not only work but ring true in the Wider Order. Like the puppy manifestation thing (I put a puppy on my list of 20 things, and 30 minutes later I get a call about a litter of puppies who are the right breed, the right age and nearby).

Sognatrice is a writer and blogger in Italy, and I read her blog this morning. She is not following Cameron's guidance explicitly, but as an artist she seems to be doing instinctively what I am being guided to do. In her post today, she blogs about five things she does everyday to be/feel successful, and they involve
  • quiet time of reflection
  • gratitude and love
  • walking
  • writing
From her blog, I also know that she takes regular Artist Dates, though she doesn't call them that.

It's a natural living out of what Cameron suggests and, for me, confirmation of its validity.

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Ms. Theologian said...

I am squeemish with the language around manifestation, but I am using the process regardless.

I'm so pleased to read about your puppy potential too.