Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Cameron calls it “Imagic-nation”, but I prefer Dreamtime.

Cameron writes, “Desire (energy), coupled with imagination, creates form” (p. 34).

I can see how Michelangelo used this, how Bach used this, how Byatt uses this.

More importantly for me (being no AS Byatt), I see that it applies not only to the creation of what is commonly referred to as art but also to the creation of one’s future, one’s life.

I, of course, am thinking of the house that I desire, the puppy that I desire, the career that I desire.
Cameron seems to be a great believer in visualization and attainment.

My stumbling block is that I have known some visionaries—amazing, creative forces who did not always have the follow-through or practical ability to bring their visions into being.

So how does one have both the creative leap of faith and the nose-to-the-grindstone ability to make it happen? For every vision born is a bureaucracy to be negotiated. Or maybe I am just too rooted to the earthly plane of existence.

Her task to enter our imagic-nation through walking asks us to “Think about what you’d like more of, what you’d like less of, what would make you happier, which things make you glad” (p. 37).

This has been my meditation for the last year—before I ever picked up Vein of Gold—and I have yet to come up with very concrete answers. So I guess I need to walk more and be more focused on these questions. And, as Cameron reminds me, I need to stick with the positive and not get sidetracked by anxiety and fear.

Finally, Cameron suggests making a list of twenty things I would like to have manifest in my life—material, spiritual, intellectual, artistic. Here is my first go at such a list (I come up with thirteen before faltering):

1. calm and optimism related to my work
2. time for quiet reflection in each day
3. a puppy
4. more connection to outdoor things—more time spent in the outdoors
5. a feeling of belonging in my community and culture
6. gratitude (mine, felt for other people and things)
7. high-speed internet
8. daily reading
9. daily knitting
10. daily cooking
11. a home of my own
12. a good haircut
13. respect (earned from others)

In this chapter I discovered that Cameron has a home in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment”, where I also live. So I'm looking for those ley lines!


Ms. Theologian said...

I love your list (and the image you posted). I'm working on my list and will post it soon.

Femminista said...

You are SOOOO good at positive fedback! Thanks.

I am starting to believe that this visualization-->manifestation thing is going to work: about 30 minutes after posting my list, a friend called to tell me about a litter of 9-week-old AKC Golden Retriever puppies that are on a farm about 1 1/2 hours away. We're going on Saturday morning to meet them and may come home with a Manifested Item from my list.

Kel said...

I've already written my 20
and I forgot your number 7
wonder if we're allowed 21 :)

The ley lines thing intrigues me too. We think there are some on, under, whatever, the island we've moved to. Must investigate further.

woohoo about the puppy

i told you this thing works!