Monday, May 7, 2007

How are your morning pages going?

I know that a bunch of people may have just purchased the book, but I thought I would ask how morning pages are going for y'all. How are the pages going? What are you finding tough about them? Easy? Can you get three pages squeezed out?

I filled up a lovely unlined Moleskine with morning pages between this and the artist's way, and moved to a lined journal, which I found terribly annoying. I'm trying the pages electronically. This is not what Cameron advises. But it's what I'm doing temporarily. Perhaps I need a Moleskin and a better pen.

If you haven't posted an introduction to yourself with a photo, description of hopes and aspirations for the group, and anything else, please consider doing so.


Kel said...

since you asked Ms T, I have a confession to make - I've never been big on the morning pages

instead I have a visual diary I work in - on an almost daily basis - sketching, scribbling, writing, sticking pictures ripped from magazines, etc

if the only thing keeping someone from reaping the rewards of the artist's way or the vein of gold is the horror of writing three pages every morning . . . my experience says that visual journalling is just as effective

Ms. Theologian said...

Very interesting, Kel. :)

I'm finding some horror in the morning pages as well. I'm not sure how much three pages is, for one thing, since I've switched among three journals and the computer.

Do you do the visual diary first thing in the morning? Or throughout the day? Sometimes I find my early morning thoughts very weird, but good. Other times, I have none.

Kel said...

it varies when I do my visual diary
sometimes if I've had a dream that seems 'important' i'll scribble some words, sketch elements of the dream etc in my diary on waking

other times i use the visual diary at the end of a day to process emotive states or just let off steam

Linera Lucas said...

I started doing morning pages when The Artist's Way came out, hmm, 1995? But then they got shorter, and morphed. So I'm finding that I like the particularity of doing three pages in longhand every morning. I always write longhand every morning anyway, but somehow, my (simple) mind thinks this is different. Go figure. Anyhooo, I'm really getting quite a bit out of it. Surprising me...

Femminista said...

Huge, hot, steaming helping of GUILT here.

I know morning pages (some kind of version of) will help me. I haven't worked them into my life yet.

Reading how you all do it is veyr helpful and motivating. Thanks.