Sunday, May 20, 2007

Intro: GhostGirl


My screen name is GhostGirl because I was so pale in high school, people called me Casper. I like having pale skin, it makes me feel morally superior because I won't get skin cancer.
There, I said it.

Also I live on a housebarge on the Long Island Sound. I'm a transplant from California. It's been anthropologically interesting to say the least.

I have a husband and two cats. He works from home at his own business selling software, I work for a company that seems to think market research can make a lasting moral and spiritual impact on the planet.

Writing: There's a line in the movie "I Remember Mama" where Irene Dunn tells a famous author that her daughter also wants to be a writer. Famous Author asks: "Does she write, or does she just want to write?"

The answer for me is, no, and no. Other people want me to write because I'm pretty good at it. It's like tall people who are expected to be basketball stars but they really want to play with spreadsheets all day. Sorry Steph, I know you have high hopes for me! Can I make you a spreadsheet instead?

But I don't mind being creative. My favorite quote about creativity:

"My eyes burn from listening. I cannot only be the small sum of my experiences but must be a channel for those that I have never had and maybe never will. Otherwise, I can only hear the music through my finite human filter instead of hearing independent frequencies.

Frequency and tone are autonomous and of the multiverse not just of my meager knowing. We can transcribe musical experience from the multiverse if we can be exactly that - perceptive scribes and co-creators instead of needing to be the only creator, how lonely."
-Tori Amos, American Doll Posse (2007)


Ms. Theologian said...

First, you're very funny.

Second, I should clarify. I don't want you to write. I want you to be unblocked and spectacularly creative and happy. :) If writing is part of that, great. If not, that's okay. I know your spreadsheets are also creative. In some fashion. I'm sure. Really. ;)

GhostGirl said...

Kind of like Ex-lax eh? :^)

And baby, my spreadsheets are so creative your head will spin. Especially since I'm just making stuff up.

Ms. Theologian said...

Yes, like with ex-lax.

Kel said...

i love it that you live on a houseboat

and i bet you colour your cells in your spreadsheets :)