Friday, June 15, 2007

The Daily Walk: An Unintended Consequence

Guess what? After two months of daily walks to this oak tree where I sit and write my morning pages, I've actually lost weight.

My walk is about 20 minutes to the oak tree and 20 minutes back after I write.

A hidden benefit of Vein of Gold!


Kel said...

what a nice bonus!

i've had the daily walk thing reinforced because a colleague of mine who was part of our organisations team in Global Challenge, a corporate exercise competition, hurt her knee, i was asked to "step in" and wear her pedometer instead

my daily average is 9000 steps

now, if i could just equate that to centimetres lost :)

but back to the topic at hand, the genius of VOG's walk thing is that it improves health and fitness
and we all know that when we feel unwell, it's so hard to be creative let alone do the everyday mundane stuff!?!

Ms. Theologian said...

9000 steps a day is great!

I found that if I don't deliberately hike or walk and just stay home, I only cover 1500 steps a day, barely moving at all!