Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Finding the Vein of Gold

I'm cross posting this on my own blog just because it gets a bit more traffic, but I could use your help in particular. In order to find my "vein of gold," the area in which I work well thematically, I'm suppose to analyze my five favorite movies for themes.

1. Chocolat
2. Wonder Boys
3. Bridget Jones's Diary
4. Magnolia
5. A Room with a View

What themes do these movies have in common? Can you help? Thank you!


Linera Lucas said...

artist finds love/soulmate?

(sorry, probably all wrong. Mention of Johnny Depp makes me wobbly with lust...)

(J. Depp PLUS chocolate is too much for maidenly reserve)

(note to self: watch Chocolat again)

Ms. Theologian said...

Ha, ha. I love that everyone mentions Johnny Depp and chocolate in the list.

Jordan suggested a few themes along the lines of finding redemption and wholeness. Love is certainly part of that. And I totally missed the artist link:

Chocolat (chocolate maker as artist)
Wonder Boys (writer as artist)
Bridget Jones's Diary (writer as artist)
Magnolia (TV producer, maybe)
A Room with a View (pianist as artist).

Thank you!